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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Classic Races - the 1972 Leith Stream Bike Race

This classic race took place annually down the Leith Stream that winds through Dunedin City, the home of Otago University.
1972 was the year of the big hair, anti Vietnam War protests and unusual physical challenges. The Leith Stream Bike Race was the toughest event and it was only for the most hardy of individuals, plus the odd nutter or two.
You can pick me out up on top of the wall, leaning over with a pan of foul kitchen waste. I have the thick crop of facial hair and the corduroy pants (As a token protest against conformity, I have always refused to wear blue jeans - duhh!). You will notice that my mischievous mates are equally well stocked will all kinds of unpleasant waste that we are gleefully pelting and slopping onto the poor cyclists.
Note: Nobody was drowned and no animals were harmed during the running of this event.

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