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Monday, June 12, 2006

Are you prone to fungal infections, including smelly feet?

Having had teenageers in the house for several years, it has been interesting to note that teenage boys, in particular, are prone to having dandruff, very smelly feet and terrible body odour. Why is this? Well, some years ago, I read somewhere that this is because of the development of an acute deficiency of essential trace minerals caused by the teenager's rapid growth spurt. Rapidly growing bones suck up all that is available.

Good gardeners know that copper sulhphate (CuSO4) is a powerful and safe fungicide. Other minerals, including selenium which is known to be deficient in New Zealand soils have similar fungicidal qualities. As with plants, if the human body is depleted of trace minerals like selenium and copper, it becomes weak and vulnerable to fungal infections. So, the reasoning goes. Teenage diets tend to be bad at the best of times and the modern diet is generally stripped of essential trace minerals.

I can report that supplementing teenage diets with selenium and other trace minerals seems to have a dramatic effect on BO, smelly feet and skin fungal infections. But; I have gone a step further - I learned through a Dr who has been around for many years that many persistent, annoying and unsightly skin fungal infections can be effectively treated with anti-danfruff shampoo (it must contain selenium among its active ingredients, so read the label carefully before buying).

The results of these two angles of attack (One internally by way of nutritional supplementation and the other by external application to the skin) have been spectacular. In my opionion, this approach is much more preferable to administering powerful drugs.

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Wayne said...

supplemental selenium and the selenium used in external chemical substances such as anti dandruff shampoos are chemically totally different, the selenium in the shampoo is pure poison and kills the fungas by the fact that it is poison, it is absorbed into the skin and into the blood acting as a poison on the body, the nutritional supplement are chemically bound and intert on sunsumption until they are process by the body in cheical reactions to use the selenium as an anti oxidant, selenium as an element on its own is extremely poisonous in even trace amounts, hence its ability to be a potent anti oxidant when correctly combined in a nutritional supplement, a lot of skin treatments have moved to zinc instead of selenium as it is less toxic to teh body, but still toxic in its own right again! Nutritional Supllements containing selenium are extremely beneficial to your health if taken in accordance with instructions as they are designed to be utilised correctly by the body.

Gary Moller said...

I certainly do not want t put readers wrong; would you have any links or references about selenium in shampoo that readers can refer to? I assumed that antidandruff shampoo was quite safe to use as compared to some of the medicines and ointments that are prescribed for persistent fungal infections. One would have thought that occasional use of a shampoo would be ok. That is interesting about moves to zinc. Zinc oxide is a traditional healing cream and i gues it would have similar qualities to those of selenium and copper.
Any detail about these would be appreciated.

Wayne said...

Wayne said...

i'm not sure of the doses in things like anti dandruff shampoo and foot preparations but remember daily requirements for selenium are 0.2 thousandths of a thousandth gram a day! any ingestion of more than a milligram a day is potentially toxic,

Wayne said...

body requirements for zinc are around a hundred times more than selenium so its far less likely to become toxic to the body in comparison to selenium, also zinc is more readily excreted from the body , selenium possibly accumulates in the body unlike zinc.

zinc is a co factor that works alongside vitamin c and copper in the formation of colagen an important protein responsible for the integrity and strength of our connectvie tissue in skin, tendons and ligaments, zinc is crucial for numerous enzymes in the body. How big you grow is largely determined by how much zinc is in your diet to enable manufacturing protein in the body for new body tissue. meat is high in zinc
zinc is also involved in a healthy immune system and in detoxification.

Wayne said...

oh yeah and zincs line with sexual potency is probably again to do with the fact that protein metabolism speeds up with more zinc hence faster potential production of vitamin C, and remember to take your vitamin c, people ingesting less than 100mg of vitamin c a day risked oxidative damage to their semen hence degrading of the dna in the semen and potential genetic damage to offspring