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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feedback from the runner with the ankle pain

Here is some feedback from a runner with the ankle pain.

“I'm great... I've been back runnning for about 7 weeks...

“When you told me to start back , you will probably remember I still had the throbbing scenario - after that the ankle was giving me pain in the first few weeks of running. I've crept up slowly in kms and have had to go at a slower pace than I want ... but it's now not throbbing at all and only the very rare day do I feel familiar scary pains here and the ankle... if that happens I get as much rest before the next session or swap sessions around.

So to answer your question yes your intervention did work for me, I was going backwards for many months (9 in total ) with the rehab exercises which I reckon were aggravating it more.

Before I ate healthily but now am using protein (just after a session which I never did before), calcium, minerals and flax will keep going and will keep the joint powder going for a good while yet.

Yes looked at the blog, and that is a great article, I hope it helps others make the right decision, all you need is a perceptive experienced advisor.You are the only person that I saw that wanted the entire background to my running habits and history.... and thank you ! “

Gary Moller comments:
This very fit woman has made a remarkable return to running training. What she shows is the value of looking at the total person, including her health and exercise history, training programme, diet, physique and biomechanics - and let's not underplay the role of her determination to get back into running!

When attempting to understand how such injuries develop in the first place, it is essential to understand the constant balancing act that is going on inside the body between anabolism and catabolism. If an athlete is in a state of chronic catabolism, there is no way that any kind of medical treatment is going to "cure" her.

Although this dedicated runner has made a quick and remarkable recovery, healing and repair should be regarded as a slow and gradual process, taking several months, if not years to fully run their course. Too much therapy is on the basis of a 1/2 dozen visits and, if there is no cure, then more drastic action is recommended like surgery, or cortisone. Of course, these don't work and can leave the athlete with much worse problems over the longterm.

Central to modifying her training and diet and her doing some special exercises, is the moto "Body, heal thyself". This is a phrase all health professionals should constantly mutter away to themselves as a constant reminder that they never heal or cure - it is the patient's body that does that!

If you have a chronic injury or illness that you are getting nowhere with fast, and if you are in Wellington, I run a private clinic in the central city. Get hold of me to arrange a consultation - I really do enjoy the challenge of working with people like you!


Anonymous said...

so what happened to the indentation from the cortisone injection? and the loss of fat, tissue and ligaments? did they grow back? how long has this process taken from the cortisone injection until she was able to run again? i am in the same situation with my knee and it has been nearly 6 months since cortisone injection and still in alot of pain and still have indentation in knee. i am in dunedin so not really able to see you, but cant get anyone to give me any answers in dunedin. what did this girl do or take to help, at the moment walking without pain would be fabulous and running would be a dream. im in daily pain since the injection but everyone who i have seen all say it is only cosmetic. thanks kristy.

Gary Moller said...

It has been a few years and while she did get back to running I have lost contact with her, so sorry I can't tell you what the long term outcome has been.

With regards to your knee pain much depends on the nature of the original injury and what is the cause of the pain now. It may not necessarily be due to the cortisone. I may be able to offer more if you were to give me all the detail you can about the injury, all treatment and anything that you think may be even mildly related.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

hi i emailed you some pictures but will email you again regarding the details. thanks.

Gary Moller said...

Thanks for the photos - we''l deal with this privately from here.