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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Been feeling depressed or stressed lately?

If you live in a city like Wellington and if you go to the doctor as an adult, the overwhelming odds are that you will be going because you are either feeling depressed or stressed, or both. The overwhelming odds are, as well, that you will be prescribed a mind altering drug that is euphemistically cloaked with an uplifting trade name. Treatment may include one drug to put you to sleep and another to get you going during the day.

Direct to consumer drugs advertising has a lot to do with this. Surveys show that direct to consumer drugs advertising influences patient actions and doctors will prescribe what the patient requests 70% of the time the patient asks for the drug by name. Drs are heavily influenced themselves by advertising. Their professional journals and conferences rely on pharmaceutical advertising and subsidies. You know the adds: Looking miserable and left out, along comes the happy pill and you are transformed into the "Life of the Party". The other kind of ad that comes on is the authoritative tv personality health advisor who recommends this and that pill in a way that sets out to normalise drugs use. In all cases, the long list of side effects is quickly flashed, or scrolled incomprehensively for about 1 second.

"So what's your problem with this, Moller?" You might ask.

My problem is that the public is being sold expensive and addictive so-called quick fixes that may cause huge problems many years down the line. The quick fix is no such thing either, because it is masking the symptoms while failing to deal with the causes. If the medication deals with the real causes, then I do not have a problem.

So the recipient of the happy pills is being set up for all kinds of horrible health problems that may not show for many years. These may be diseases of the digestive system, liver cancer, kidney failure, circulation problems, gum disease and dementia. During the interim they must contend with brain fog and the stress of the increasing drain on their finances as new medications are added to the mix to offset the increasingly horrible side effects of the toxic chemical cocktail mix. The doctor is in the unfortunate position of having few other treatment options other than to prescribe.

Meanwhile, the original causes of the anxiety and depression go untreated; causes such as a lousy job, family or relationship problems, financial problems, lack of sunlight, cofffee or alcohol abuse or poor nutrition and fitness to name a few.

Just so that you have something uplifting to look forward to after reading this rather depressing article, I will soon post an article that outlines some of the very good natural alternatives to the happy pill option for feeling anxous and/or depressed.
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