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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What makes a champion athlete?

Here are some interesting comments by Wayne about Lorraine Moller's career:

Its what you do with what you've got, perseverance, common sense a little intelligence goes a long way!, she hit on the right recipe, and persisted with it, but the most gifted can make anything look easy, at the end of the day she was the head of the pack and one of the best in the world at what she did for quite a while and had a career at the top to rival anyone else's, she learnt the secret to top level performance and survival at the top level, don't over do it, pace yourself, push your limits at the right time and come off the accelerator at the right time,, listen to your body, take advantage of the cycle of tearing down and rebuilding the body to a higher level, its a science and an art combined and one of the hardest to master, too much ego, or too little soul and you blow yourself to pieces, most people fail at it few practice it to perfection.

she wasn't out there blowing her own trumpet and if anything under rated herself leading to her missing out on a better placing at Barcelona, as a result she has ended up as under rated as one of NZ's finest ever athletes and is now probably one of NZ"s finest coaches lost to overseas, her understanding of Joseph Campbell's power of dreams shows her lateral thinking and holistic approach, she can piece together how people tick beyond just what training they have to be doing and has abetter chance to getting the best out of people to perform better.

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