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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Row over Maori 'warrior gene'

A NEW Zealand scientist has stirred controversy with his claim that the country's indigenous Maori people have a "warrior" gene, which makes them more prone to violent and criminal behaviour.,23599,20068254-1702,00.html
Gary Moller comments:
Plenty of comment has already been offered by many experts, so I will try not to cover old ground. As the parent of four part Polynesian children, I am so pleased that they do not appear to have inherited my European "Aggressor Genes" (As I write, I assure you that my full-blooded Polynesian partner is not standing over me, threatening death, if I do not write favourably!).

I will start by saying that I have never felt threatened, despite my being "different" from my Polynesian relatives. They must be among the most friendly and welcoming people on the planet. I have learned that people are essentially the same, regardless of race or religion; it comes down to respect - respect of others' beliefs and their wish to go abut their lives without being judged or imposed upon by others. Respect - not arrogance!

If you think the Maori Polynesian have an aggressive warrior quality, then how about the European? Rather than the "warrior" gene, there must be an "aggressor" gene at work with them. European history is steeped in nothing less than an ongoing bloodbath of the most horrific and brutal proportions. Now, look at the aggressor races of today and the only conclusion one can come to is that there must be a strong European genetic factor at play among their ruling elite. Look at the most aggressive, invasive and most brutal nations of the last 100yrs and we come up with the likes of Germany, Great Britain and the USA (we will conveniently overlook Japan). Who is the undisputed aggressor nation of today? Well, that has to be the USA and its proxy client states.

Its all far too genetically European for me. Give me the Maori/Polynesian temperament any day, thanks!


Wayne said...

it takes aggressive leaders to send nations to war, and compliant citizens able to convince themselves violence is justified under the guise of war

Gary Moller said...

Readers should have realised that my article about the "aggressor gene" was mostly tongue in cheek.
However, I agree entirely with Wayne and readers will note the subtle reference I made to "Leadership". If we take the American example, for example, it would seem, as per usual that it is those who are in power and who seek to maintain control at all costs who are the ones most at fault. Having said that, they rely on a largely obedient and ignorant populace to stay there.