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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some Australian childcare centres now requiring wearing of sunglasses

"Australian eye experts say childcare centres and schools should be keeping children in the shade in the middle of the day and teaching them to wear sunglasses as well as hats and sunscreen. "

"My children go to childcare. They have to wear hats outside and sunscreen and I think sunglasses should be part of that," said the father of Georgia, almost three, and Thomas, one."There's no reason they shouldn't be wearing them. There's no harm that will come to them from wearing them. It's all good for their long-term sight."
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Gary Moller comments:
We are seeing an explosion of ailments that are associated with lack of sunshine. These include spontaneous childhood fractures (Gilchrist fractures), depresssion, a resurgence of tuberculosis, ulcerative digestive tract diseases, neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis and all manner of terrifying cancers, including breast, prostate and cervical cancer.
A single-minded attempt to terrorise entire populations, regardless of skin type, about the dangers of sunlight in order to prevent a single disease (melanoma) is contributing to this explosion of diseases - if not being the principal cause.
We know, for instance, that exposure of skin to sunlight during the adolescent years can reduce a girl's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by up to 50%. Do you hear about that from the cancer prevention agencies? No!
Bright sunlight on the face during the morning hours suppresses the hormone melatonin which causes sleepiness and depression. Wearing dark glasses during the day upsets the body's natural day-night biorythms, including suppression of melatonin during waking hours. Should we be doing this to our children from their earliest years?
As an aside, large floppy hats and sunglasses on children prevent the proper development of peripheral vision which is essential for safety and sporting activities. If not developed during early childhood this ability is lost forever.
The Australian, New Zealand or US Cancer Society and the rest that are spear-heading this erroneous and scandalous campaign of terror and consequent illness have no credibility as neutral advisors on the matter. This is because of the fact that much of their revenue is reliant on the sale of commercial products including protective clothing, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. They have no credibility, so my advice is to take their advice with a grain of salt.


Wayne said...

and i bet you let your childrren cross the road as well! and heaven forbid take risks on teh play ground in the name of having fun. in the states there is a clampdown on letting children climb and run, what was it ed hilary wrote? nothing venture nothing win? are we ashamed of Ed for climbing mt everest, its a double standard, one standard for heroes another standard for their kids, no guts no glory, its just selfishness of the parents who are getting too precious about their kids and can't handle the spills that kids take. what kids learn when they take teh knocks is risk management they better learn their limitations, these kids are going to grow up without a realistic idea of what is sae and what isnt.

Anonymous said...

you are so right Gary. My 3yearold grand daughter fractured her arm --both bones broke from a small tumble backwards off a low fence she was sitting on. Her parents had religiously applied sunscreen and now after reading your advice do not!So now it is sunglasses! What next? You talk good sense.I shall send your article to the Cancer Council in Aust as I have your others but they never reply of Course!! M M