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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Even more feedback from happy campers - running and iron man

"Hi Gary,
You probably won't remember me but last year I emailed you for advice about training for my first marathon at Rotoura. You got me started in plenty of time and gave me some valuable advice about supplements being a 'mature' starter. Anyway I made the journey in a good time of 5hrs with no injury and a big smile on my face loving every minute of it. It's only as I started to look for the date of next year's marathon that I realised I'd never said thank you.

After Rotorua I decided to follow my real passion triathlon and 10 days ago completed my first Iron Man in WA in 13hrs 49mins 45sec. Despite having a coach in tow now I still follow much of that initial advice you gave me which was invaluable on the big day, temperatures reached the mid-30s and heat and me just don't go, but with all the good advice I survived, in fact more than survived, I was buzzing.

I still don't consider myself a natural runner and I'm not fast, but good advice such as yours has made me a very happy runner who can sustain reasonable speed and fitness over long distances and remain relatively injury free. I just wanted you to know how greatful I am for your advice."

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