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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here's a couple of running events to challenge you!

If you have been following my advice about training for events like the Rotorua Marathon or the Karapoti Classic, you will know that I encourage you to enter various buildup events that keep you focussed on training and also to help develop that high-end performance that can only come through competition. Whether you are out to win, or just to finish, you will benefit enormously by entering other events that challenge mind and stamina during your preparations.
What better to enter than events that get you into really spectacular parts of New Zealand!
Well here are two events that are just ideal for the fitness fanatic and the timing could not be better: the Mt Lowry and Mt Lyford mountain runs. Go here right now to learn more, otherwise read on....
Mt Lowry overlooks Eastbourne and is 12.5km of scenic hills that will have you blowing. Mind you, you don't have to race these events: Plenty of people enter just to participate, walking the distance and soaking up the views and the atmosphere. The Mt Lowrie event is on 25th February, giving you just enough time to prepare. Here is the link to the Mt Lowry page
The Mt Lyford race, overlooking the Kaikouras, is a scenic and stamina blowout for sure. The main event is 17.5km with a 1282m climb; but there is the option of a 5km version and even one for th kids. That's on 11th March which means you have plenty of time to train up for it. Here is the link to the Mt Lyford race
I have just entered the Mt Lowry race and so has my partner, Alofa; although she does not know this yet. Hmmm - just a couple of weeks to get running fit - now that is a challenge!

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