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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feedback about chronic stitch problems

"I emailed quite a number of weeks ago about chronic "stitch" as a beginner runner. I have followed your advice and have been taking 400mg of Magnesium and a decent multi-vitamin every day. Just thought I'd pop in a follow up email as you encouraged.

Ive managed to find my "running style" finally and although I wouldnt go so far to say I run crouched over, I have found that running in a more controlled manner by tightening my gut muscles and belly breathing has really helped - I find Im restricting the movement of my stomach muscles and keeping my wobbly bits from wobbling ;o)

After completing a Triathlon in early March, I found a few muscles I didnt know I had and was getting the stitch just wondering around the shopping centre and put the cause down to strained muscles. I am working on strengthening my core muscles starting with 50 sit ups a day and working up every week - I can take some motivation from Oprah who does 300 a day ;o)

Im very pleased to report that I managed 7.5km last night - probably doesnt sound like a lot, but considering I could only manage 0.5km around Christmas, Im really happy with my progress. The next step is to get fitted into running shoes after suffering from sore feet after the last few runs. Still aiming for a half marathon in October.

Thank you very much for your help and advice - I am really enjoying your website."

Gary Moller comments:
I doubt it very much if Oprah is consistent with her 300 situps/day! It may be a case of her doing a Donna Awatere, if you get my drift. 30 situps done properly each day is just fine.

As is usually the case, there is never a single solution to conditions like cramp and this is why single factor solutions, like a quinnine prescription, seldom provide lasting relief.

A good place to start with understanding core exercises is to read these articles.

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