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Monday, March 12, 2007

Honest Food Guide Launched

The Honest Food Guide is exactly that: it outlines in a chart the foods to eat more of an those to eat less of and explains concisely and honestly why.

While one may not necessarily agree with everything stated, I think it is a good guide to refer to and it certainly get's one thinking!

Here is the direct link to download the chart in PDF format.


Anonymous said...

eat more soy...excellent

Anonymous said...

Yup, certainly got me thinking - that the chart shows the same abysmal lack of knowledge of anthropology and human nutritional needs that 99% of so called experts display.

The things that are right could be summed up in one sentence - Eat foods that are natural and avoid foods that are refined or artificial.

But the things that are wrong are so dangerous that it negates the rest.

Humans have been eating meat with its associated fat for thousands of years. We are adapted to it and need it.

Yes, dairy products have their drawbacks, mostly because of how they’re processed. But this overlooks the fact that butterfat is one of the best sources of fat soluble vitamins available, including the Vitamin D you yourself say we’re all deficient in.

Soy is becoming increasing well known as a potent endocrine disruptor, and urging people to eat unfermented soy is just not on.

Encouraging people to eat whole grains disregards the fact that unless they are properly prepared, they actually reduce the nutrients available to the body. It is also not mentioned that a high percentage of people are wheat or gluten intolerant, in part due to the high consumption of improperly prepared grains.

Anonymous said...

One addition to my previous comment - in the USA commercially grown red meat should certainly be avoided. But there is no reason to avoid grass fed meat, and here in New Zealand, all red meat is grass fed.