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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Preventing leg and foot cramps associated with scuba diving

Hi Gary,
I am very impressed with your advice, service, and products.
I will come back to you but for now - THE CRAMP MAG AND CRAMP BUSTERS must have done the trick cause I did 4 dives on my initial course with a healthy dose of stress thrown in and - NO CRAMP. I TOOK MAG AND CRAMP BUSTERS ON THE PRECEDING COUPLE OF DAYS.
So far I am wrapt with my contact with you and I am a walking advertisement.
Thanks "N"
Photo: Jacques Cousteau, inventor of the modern aqualung
Gary Moller comments:
This happy chappy was suffering extremely uncomfortable foot cramps while scuba diving to the extent he was concerned for his safety. After discussing the matter with him, determining his background, health history etc some specific recommendations with regards to equipment and supplementation were given for him to follow.

For articles that refer to cramp that I have written go here.

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