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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I get an upset stomach when running on sports energy gels

Hi gary
I am training for the rotorua marathon, my first one.
About a month ago I started using leppin squezzy sachets during training. I definitely benefit from this product with noticeable energy increase, the problem I have is that about half the runs that I use leppins on I end up with a nasty upset stomach during and after running, resulting in an extended period of time on the toilet at the end of a run.
I have followed your advice by not eating within 2 hours of training and also followed the leppin products directions accurately when taking them.
Have you heard of anybody else with a similar problem, or do you have any suggestions for me.
Thanks in advance
By the way I really have enjoyed using your e-book training for a marathon document. Thanks heaps.


Gary Moller comments:
I have been aware of this problem for quite some time with the first instances that came to my attention being among 24 hour enduro athletes. Any form of the runs when doing these kinds of activities can be disastrous to say the least - and inconvenient and embarrassing.
I am not personally a fan of the squeezie gels because they are essentially concentrated corn syrup with no nutritional value other than a quick shot of carbohydrate and little else. If you had time to follow my training and dietary guidelines about how to become more efficient at using your fat stores while conserving your precious internal carhohydrate stores, then your need to rely on external sources, including squeezies would be less. You will find this advice in the Training for a Marathon and Training for a Mountain Bike Race e-pubs.
If you are going to use squeezies, I recommend that you either take lots of water with them (Never straight!), or simply disslove the contents in a bottle of water and drink the flavoured result. I have tried them this way and there has been no problem.
Whatever drinking and energy augmentation strategy you decide to employ, please ensure that you have practiced it thoroughly during training!

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