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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is she too hot or too cold when she runs?

"Hi Gary
I have a question re body temperature changes when running. Occasionally when doing training runs I get to the 8km mark and my body goes cold (goose bumps/ I feel cold) - I don’t seem to be able to warm up after this. I thought initially it might be a drop in outside temperature (and maybe hypothermia) so made sure I hard thorlo socks for warmth and dri-fit shirts to keep moisture away – but after this happening on a couple of nice days I don’t think that’s the problem. Also I feel quite fatigued when it happens – although I finish the run its not a comfortable finish. Any advice appreciated.
Gary Moller comments:

While you may feel that you are cold the possibility is that you are overheating and this gives symptoms similar to that of a fever – you shiver and get goose bumps and you certainly will feel wasted after. So, it may not be a simple case of getting cold and putting more clothes on might be the worst thing to do.
Hyperthermia, or overheating (As opposed to heat exhaustion), is easily initially mistaken for being shilled because the person may appear pale and the is skin damp with goose bumps. The person may have a headache and the skin hot to the touch by another person. Core body temperature may be 40c or higher.

The timing of suffering the symptoms at about 8km is about right for hyperthermia.

Confirming what is going on requires you to measure things carefully then we can analyze the data. Can I suggest that you get any kind of accurate body temperature thermometer and carry it with you when you run. Take a measure before, during and after, including when and if you suffer the chills. Once you have this information, please get back to me with the results.

If it is in fact hyperthermia, then we will discuss preventive and first aid measures in another article

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Wayne said...

possible adrenal insufficiency? the body can't produce enough cortisol to correctly regulate temperature properly as a result of the physical stress of running. fatigue is also a symptom of adrenal insufficiency.