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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Excessive vitamin use increases men's prostate cancer risk

May 21, 2007
'Men who pop too many vitamins in the hope of improving their health may in fact be raising their risk of the deadliest forms of prostate cancer, especially men with a family history of the disease.Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that men who exceeded the recommended dose — taking more than seven multivitamins a week — increased the risk of advanced cancer by about 30%.'


Gary Moller comments:

Do not throw away all of your vitamins just yet! Just as a single Swallow does not make a summer, so a single study does not mean vitamins really do cause cancer.

There are many possible factors at play here, such as the men taking the most vitamins tend to lead the worst lifestyle - late night partying, alcolhol, cigarettes, working long hours indoors, eating poor food, like MSG laden fast food that is microwaved to death, or living in polluted cities and already being generally unwell. Its a bit like stretching and athletes. Most athletes only take up stretching regularly in response to injury leading some researchers to conclude that stretching causes injuries.

It may be that these men are consuming large quantities of synthetic vitamins which are of highly questionable benefit. Most naturally sourced vitamin supplements are chock full of nutritional co-factors. I am making it a point to stock my store with naturally sourced products ( ). Also, if too much on one or another vitamin is taken, deficiency may occur in others, including various minerals. If vitamin D is low, then it is possible that the body can not properly utilise large amounts of vitamins especially if they are pure synthetics.

When it comes to preventing and managing prostate cancer, I would place vitamin D as the number one priority with minerals second, omega 3 oils third and various vitamins fourth. If you are concerned about your prostate cancer risk, I suggest that the first thing you do is determine with scientific accuracy what your vitamin D and mineral levels are. You get the vitamin D test via your doctor and your minerals via me with a hair tissue mineral analysis. Once you have your results, you will know exactly what your nutritional requirements are. Most of the guessing about taking vitamins for health is eliminated.

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Wayne said...

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