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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thumbs up for the lymphaciser rebounder

Hi Gary
Just thought you might like a great testimonial for Lympacizers! I've owned one for nearly 20 years and there's been hardly any give in the springs over that time despite being used daily. They are GREAT, well worth the outlay.
Gary Moller comments:

Thanks for the thumbs-up, Jan. The key to the feel and longevity (and the price!) of these exercise machines is the heavy steel frame, the many big steel springs and the way they are fixed by welded brackets to the frame.

I have used the Pacific Health Lymphacizer rebounders for some 25 years for outfitting commercial gyms. Some of these rebounders have been in use for that entire period, some in gyms that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of the users are very, very big people! I can not recall ever having to replace a broken spring. All that has been required is to replace the protective frame and spring cover now and then and ensure the legs are tightly screwed in. These machines should out-live their owners if used in the home.

If you are considering purchasing a rebounder, it is worth your while spending more and going for quality. The cheapos that cost $100 or less simply do not last and they feel awful compared to the Lymphacizer. With use the springs of the cheapos quickly dig into the frame, the bed stretches and the responsive bounce goes out of the bed. You do not want to be jumping up and down on a cheap bed that may tear or with cheap springs that eventually snap with use.

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