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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Video demonstration about how to strengthen weak and pronating feet

This video demonstration shows how to strengthen the tibialis muscles to give you a strong and arches of the feet that are up to the punishement of running sports. This video should be viewed along with careful study of the e-publication: "Correcting Weak and Pronating Feet".


Shoeblogr said...

Hi Gary. I found your site while surfing for foot health solutions. Your video very useful and informative. I had to post a link to your site and the video to my blog, where I discuss mostly shoes.(high heels) But I balance it with foot health issues. Since most women don't think about foot health until there's a problem, I feel it's important to see both sides.

I would be interested in any thoughts you have on maintaining foot health while wearing high heels, problems they can cause and ongoing solutions.

Thanks again for posting the video.

Tracy Allen

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary. I noticed the video in the post no longer works. I searched YouTube and I think the correct link is now

Anyway, thank you for the great advice. I'm really struggling with calf pain/stress as I am now extending the length of my runs out close to an hour at a time and know I have had pronation problems in the past. I'll try the exercizes and see if that helps.

Gary Moller said...

Thanks for letting me know of the posting error. With regards to your calf pain, I suggest that you find an experienced massage therapist and get your calf muscles massaged several times, concentrating on any painful, knotted areas.

You may also benefit from the Active Elements assessment since a mineral imbalance may be contributing to the calf pain. This is very common on older runners. The link is found in the right hand column o this page.