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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gary's Extra Healthy Muesli Recipe

(Adjust quantities of each according to taste) Buy your dried fruit and nuts from a source that guarantees their freshness to avoid eating rancid nuts or moldy fruit and make only enough of this recipe to last a few weeks.
  • Raw rolled oats
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Slivered almonds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pine nuts
  • Add any other affordable nuts
  • Chopped dates
  • Chopped prunes
  • Chopped apricots
  • Raisins/sultanas
  • Lecithin granules
  • Wheat germ
  • Honey - a small amount to taste. As it is a sugar, keep to a minimum.


  • Warm the honey until it is flowing freely and mix into the rolled oats.
  • Next, add and thoroughly mix all of the other ingredients so that you have a mix that is approximately 50% rolled oats and the rest made up of the nuts, dried fruits and other ingredients
  • If you like, you can separately roast the rolled oats and even some of the nuts


  • Served with fruit and home made yoghurt, a plate of this muesli supplies everything needed to get you going first thing in the morning and for several hours thereafter.
  • Add a dessert spoon of Waihi Bush flax oil just before eating.
  • You can also make it into porridge, which is even more nutritious and warming - very tempting in the winter.
  • Mix it up the night before and soak overnight in water (about as much water as oats). It then takes only about 5 mins to simmer into porridge in the morning (add as much water again before cooking).
  • Use it as a quick snack during those extra busy times or between meals when feeling peckish.
  • Use as a substitute for junk foods like ice-cream and sweets


Have an extra bowl or two during the day!

Note: Some experts recommend that nuts and grains be soaked overnight to neutralise the enzymes that inhibit the release of some of their nutrients. I quite like doing this (When I remember!) mostly because it brings out the taste of the nuts and dried fruits - yummy, yummy!

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