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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

News All About Running

These newsfeeders are designed to give you the latest news about running as it happens. These update continuously and will never fall out of date. This is where you will find news about the New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Osaka Marathon or races in New Zealand like the Rotorua Marathon and Auckland Marathon.

You will find articles about the latest developments in running physiology, running coaching, running nutrition and how to avoid or treat running injuries. If you want to learn how to run faster to run a personal best, or just to keep running despite age, this is where you find your information.

You will find information about how to get started running or walking to complete a 5 or 10 k race, hafl marathon or marathon.

Bookmark this page so that it is added to your Favourites and drop by every day or so to see what's new in the world of news about running.

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