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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What kind of joint food preparation should I take following knee surgery?

"Gday Gary, I just watched the video on your website as to which glucosamine supplement to take, but I am still a little confused.
I am 22 and have had a knee reconstruction. I just recently had a meniscus repair operation on the same knee, and was told that my articular cartilage is beginning to wear out.
I was thinking about taking the Balance joint food for athletes supplement, to possible help aid my cartilage in regaining some strength, however I am worried about the low levels of chondroitin present. Is this the supplement I should take , ore one of the other ones? \
I appreciate your help with my situation. "
Gary Moller comments:

Garry, I appreciate the situation you are in, having had two major knee ops myself in my 20’ s and facing the prospect of early arthritis. Fortunately, a sensible approach to exercise and the use of good nutrition means the prospect of arthritis seems further away than it was 10 years ago.

I recommend that you use the straight Nutra-Life Joint Food because it is high in Glucosamine which will help cartilage repair. Because you are still young, you do not need huge amounts of Chondroitin which hydrates the cartilage.

You need lots of MSM. MSM is highly beneficial for cartilage repair as well as being surprisingly effective for managing joint inflammation and pain. Kordels MSM provides a pure and cost-effective source of MSM.

The combination of all three nutrients (MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin) gives a powerful nutritional effect on that damaged knee joint of yours. I recommend that you commence by taking 6 rounded teaspoons per day of Joint Food and three capsules daily of MSM for the first three months, then lower to the recommended levels on the label thereafter. Boost the dosages of both at any time if there is any joint pain or swelling.

Take extra of both around periods that you know will be throwing extra stress on the joint, such as when doing competitive sport or a long hike with a back pack. I would commence these two days before the anticipated stress and strain and continue the regime for about three days afterwards to aid a full recovery.

While Nutra-Life Joint Food contains generous amounts of vitamin C, a total of 2,000mg per day or more may assist joint health.

If your knee flares up or hurts for any reason, then take extra MSM (up to 4 capsules per day) for 3-4 days along with extra Joint Food (six teaspoons per day). By having the MSM separate you can better use it for managing any episodes of joint pain and inflammation.

Always take these nutritional supplements with food, spread them over the day and never use as a substitute for quality food.

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