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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Technical Background

"Today we have a health care system treating sickness with an unparalleled technical, pharmacological development - yet illness rates and degenerative disease continue to increase costing astronomical sums. This huge economic burden along with the accompanying personal and social deterioration is forcing the public and their politicians to the recognition that a new approach based on a predictive / preventive model is necessary.

There is a growing body of evidence that effective nutrition and mineral metabolism plays a significant role in reducing and preventing the major killer of today. Coupling this with the newer improvements in detection and analysis, it seems that the assessment of body minerals has an important role to play in this much needed and more enlightened approach to health care."

A Primer on Hair Mineral Analysis
George M. Tamari, Ph.D.* Original published in: Cytobiologische Revue 1986;3:176-186 _____________________________________
Gary Moller comments:
If you are considering ordering a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis through me, this is an excellent scientific report to read as background to the test.

The Hair Tissue Analysis that I provide is done by a State Licenced laboratory in Texas USA. The HTMA 2 Profile provides a detailed Patient's report and a Practitioner's report. The followup Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA 3) compares the current results with previous ones.

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