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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feedback on treating Hallux Rigidus

"Mr. Moller,
I have discovered your video on "youtube". I now have hope to heal my big toe. I am 54 years old and practice martial arts. About two years ago, in a sparring session, I jammed my big toe while kicking. It has never been the same since. And now, it is always stiff and painfull. The doctor did not offer any real solution. basically, "You have arthris, and when it gets really bad, we can operate and fuse the joint, so it will be stiff, but won't hurt anymore". Needless to say that I wasn't happy with the news. I have noticed that massage helped a bit, but did not realize that pain is okay and expected. Your video explanation made a lot of sense and I am anxious to try that massage technique on my foot. ...."


"I have started massaging my toe myself the same day I discovered your video. Amazing improvements. My massage therapist also worked on it yesterday and it felt the best it had in months. I hope to keep with it for as complete a recovery as possible."

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