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Friday, January 25, 2008

Advice about sore big toe - toe injury - hallux rigidus

Mr. Moller,
I have discovered your video on "youtube". I now have hope to heal my big toe. I am 54 years old and practice martial arts. About two years ago, in a sparring session, I jammed my big toe while kicking. It has never been the same since. And now, it is always stiff and painfull. The doctor did not offer any real solution. basically, "You have arthritis, and when it gets really bad, we can operate and fuse the joint, so it will be stiff, but won't hurt anymore". Needless to say that I wasn't happy with the news. I have noticed that massage helped a bit, but did not realize that pain is okay and expected. Your video explanation made a lot of sense and I am anxious to try that massage technique on my foot. Should I ask my massage therapist to watch your video before working on me ?
Thank you for your time S

Gary Moller advises:

Before you resort to solutions for which there is no reversal if things do not work out, it is just plain common sense to exhaust the less drastic options first. This includes the combination of massage (with manipulation) and the use of nutrition - glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, MSM and vitamin E and even vitamin D. These are safe therapies when done right with the only side effects being feeling great.

Yes, have your masseur review the video first. Of course the pain should be such that you are feeling a little better than beforehand about 3-5 days after the session. Successive session should result in further improvement. I recommend that you commence taking the supplements at least a week before you begin with the massage and the manipulation.

If you are near a beach, walk in the shallows bare foot at every opportunity. Have warm Epsom Salts foot baths. Wear flexible footwear that are flexible while supporting the feet.

If the therapy does not work, nothing is lost; you can still exercise the surgical option and do with the knowledge that you gave the alternatives a fair shot.

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Anonymous said...

I am a tango dancer and had injury to my big toe which developed to stiff toe. I am not exited to do surgery and this is the first time I see that the therapy may restore flexibility of my toe. I would be interested if anyone actually had any progress with massage therapy. I will start my anyhow and hope that will help me. Thank you so much for posting the video.Maria

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this video! I don't have Hallux Rigidus yet, but my big toe joint has been injured during martial arts practice and it has developed Hallux Limitus. I will definitely try this massage and hopefully be able to prevent arthritis and won't need a surgery. My MA practice is so important to me that I was getting really depressed because of this problem. Thank you for the inspiration and for such a wonderful instructive video )

Gary Moller said...

please tell us how you get on and thanks for the positive comments.