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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kathrine Switzer book launch intinerary - "MARATHON WOMAN"

Kathrine Switzer announces the launch of her memoir, MARATHON WOMAN, on the occasion of her 40th Anniversary of her first running the Boston Marathon. Here are the details of her appearances:

Wednesday 13 February 6.15pm
Newmarket Shoe Clinic with Lorraine Moller and Allison Roe

Thursday 14th February, 6pm
Millennium Institute, Mairangi Bay
Saturday 16th February 3-8pm
Cooks Gardens Mayoral Mile
With Lorraine Moller

New Plymouth
Wednesday 20th February 5.30pm
Front Runner, Devon St

Thursday 21st February, 8pm
Lake City Athletic Club, Te Ngae Rd

Friday 22nd February, 6.15pm
Shoe Clinic, 405 Victoria St
Monday 24th February, 5.15pm
Sports World, 186 The Strand

Wednesday 27th, 6.15pm
Shoe Clinic, 64 Willis St
With Sir Ron Scott

Monday 3rd March, 6pm
Shoe Clinic, 84 Bridge St
Thursday 6th March, 5.30pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Beach St
With Sarah Ulmer

Friday 7th March, 5.30pm
Shoe Clinic, 2 Beach St

Wednesday 11 March, 6 pm
Stadium Southland

Best known globally as the first woman to officially register and complete the famous Boston Marathon in 1967, Kathrine was physically attacked mid-race by the enraged race director simply because she was a female running in what was then considered an all-male event, in an all-male domain, in an era when women were considered incapable of running 42.2 kilometres. The galvanizing photos of this incident were flashed around the planet and have become one of Time-Life’s 100 Photos that Changed the World.

The incident changed her life and, consequently, the lives of millions of women — and men — everywhere because it inspired her to challenge myth and misconception about women’s physical limitation. She became a world-class athlete, running 35 marathons including winning the New York City Marathon, and then created over 400 races in 27 countries for a million women and led a movement to make the women’s marathon an official event in the Olympic Games.

In the end,
MARATHON WOMAN is about vision: seeing a dream and making it happen. Kathrine has made a profession from her vision, as well: after a 25–year corporate sports marketing career with Avon Products, Inc., she is now an Emmy award-winning TV sports commentator, public speaker and author. Runner’s World magazine named her one of the four Running Visionaries of the Century. ‘Running is only my vehicle for making change,’ says Switzer. ‘Anybody can see similar opportunities in their own lives.’ Marathon Woman, among so many other things, is a guide to make that happen.

Kathrine is also the author of the best–selling Running and Walking for Women Over 40 and the co-author (with Roger Robinson) of 26.2 Marathon Stories.

She is a dual citizen of New Zealand and the USA and has been married for 20 years to Roger Robinson, noted runner, Victoria University professor and author. The couple resides in both Wellington and the Hudson Valley of New York.

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