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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I feel all my muscles have gone to the pack - please help me!

Hi Gary
I am having problems that seem to be brushed off by the medical and specialist team.

I have had neck and back pain for years, did gymnastics when very young. I have worked in the dental industry for over 25years on an off. I am 51years old and weigh 47kgs. I think I'm having menopause symptoms as well as everything else. Every joint in my body hurts and just picking up a jar of jam is a problem.

Have being going to a physiotherapist, who is treating me for long term neck and pain problems. I recently sore the doctor about my knee which when I kneel on it has a tearing feeling followed by pain and a Chinese burn like feeling, I can also stick a needle in three different parts of my knee and I don't feel a thing. Had an x-ray showed nothing specialist said could have hurt behind knee cap maybe still tender, have physio, I feel the fact theirs a horrible tearing and pain sensation when I kneel doesn't quite match the flippant way I was treated.

I'm sure I have some arthritis in my knuckles as they have changed shape, and the main finger I use for terminal work, is very swollen. Also my big toe and the bone on the side of it hurts more and more when I walk, doctor said could be a bunion, specialist said no nothing wrong that he could feel or see.

I also get tingling down left side of my face and thigh, the thigh may have been caused to the epidural I had when having my son, as I felt numb there for ages after the epidural and then the pins and needles just stayed with me, sometimes making it difficult to get to sleep at night.

I walk to work and back home 4 days a week, this is 45minutes each way, other than that and normal housework gardening cleaning windows etc I don't do any weight training or gym work.

I feel all my muscles have gone to the pack, could you please help me I am at my wits end, I think the doctors think I am imagining how I feel.
Gary Moller Advises:
"J", What you are describing could be applied to many of the women who seek my assistance. I call it various names, including "Wobbly Wheels Syndrome" (WWS), or "Fragile Body Syndrome" (SBS). It just feels as if one's body is falling apart.

What you are suffering from could be one of several possibilities - more than likely it will be several different things working in concert. The pins and needles, for example, could be as simple as a vitamin B deficiency causing a condition known as beriberi and could be the consequence of a stressful life and a course of antibiotics as long as several years ago. The joint pain could be a sign that you are seriously mineral depleted and or acidic. It could be as simple as a deficiency in vitamin C. Or you could be seriously low in vitamin D. Yes, you may be going through menopause; but menopause will only be part of it.

X-ray examinations, physiotherapy, exercise routines, medicine, drugs and being talked to are all probably a waste of time because I suspect the problem is to do with your cellular metabolism being compromised in some way or other. We need to exhaust this possibility, before looking elsewhere.

To get the ball rolling, can you please complete the Active Elements Assessment here. Please answer each question carefully and please tell me in the comments section about any medication you are taking, including supplements.


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