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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have developed chronic stiffness in both big toes

I'm 61 and over the past 2 years have developed chronic stiffness in both big toes after several days in a row of x-country skiing or jogging. Resting a week will certainly cure it, but what can I do without interfering with my exercise? Exercises? Stretches? It comes on slowly over the course of 2-3 days. Thank you.
Gary Moller comments:

With regards to the big toes, the first thing you must do is gather some more information to share with me. Can you please send me some digital photos of your legs and feet in a standing position? Front on, rear and sideways please. Make sure that I can see your thighs as well as lower legs. Include a couple of closeups of the feet and lower legs. Thanks.

Can you complete the Active Elements assessment here. Do not neglect giving your health history and other relevant details in the comments box.

With age the rate of repair tends to slow while wear tends to accelerate; so it may be necessary to modify one's activities to take account of this. So this might mean placing deliberate rest days between any very active days.

You may also need to work more on the nutrition side of things beginning with the body's tissue salts (Active Elements) and providing cartilage substrate - glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM.

Joints require movement and it may be that they are getting a little stiff and tight. My video in the postings here shows what you should be doing. It is best to have another person do this on you as demonstrated in the video, rather than struggle on your own.

You might be surprised at the relief you can get by using a Formthotics Active Inner Sole in your boots and shoes.

Once you have sent the photos and completed the Active Elements assessment, we can arrange to discuss the findings and recommendations with Skype and the associated Bitwine service.

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