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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Milk company funded osteoporosis report exposed as "essentially a fabrication"

"A staggering 84,354 New Zealanders are predicted to break bones this year as a result of osteoporosis; that’s one osteoporosis related fracture every six minutes and a hip fracture every two hours. By 2020 the annual osteoporosis-related fracture rates are expected to exceed 115,000. So cautions the Fonterra funded ‘Burden of Osteoporosis in New Zealand Report’ commissioned by Osteoporosis New Zealand. But a closer look at the report reveals it is essentially a fabrication. " More <>

Yes, folks - they are all out to get you - to frighten you into submission, so that you consume more of their products, take their dangerous drugs and hand over all of your money! These include the consumer advocacy and support organisations like Osteoporosis NZ which should be protecting you.

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