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Sunday, March 02, 2008

My doctor has poisoned me with flouroquinoline!

Dear Sir....
Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God.....thank you soooo much from my heart, for your articles of the TRUTH about the TOXIC fluoroquinolones!!!!! Oh Sir, you just have no idea of the HELL that this previously HEALTHY single mom of twin 10-yr old boys has been through....NOT ONLY WITH MY DETERIORATING HEALTH but the TOTAL IGNORANCE and LACK OF CONCERN from the medical community (for starters).

Photo: Shelley in healthier days
If it were not for the information I finally found on the internet, after nearly 2 years of searching and struggling to find the CAUSE of my "mysterious symptoms"....I don't know where I would be now. At least I have found the MUCH NEEDED *SUPPORT* from groups like FQRESEARCH.ORG and our wonderful YAHOO quinolones discussion forum. And valuable information from articles like yours.

How do I deal w/ the fact that the life I had is gone. Over. because of the INCOMPETENCY of our DOCTORS....AND GOVERNMENT??!! My life has completely changed. Everything about my life.....the pain and suffering have been HORRENDOUS!!! It's INCOMPREHENSIBLE how this has happened to me....and so many others who are suffering NEEDLESSLY!!!!! I receive email from people on a daily basis....people I have never met or even heard of before....searching for answers.....suffering, begging, praying...... And as it stands today, we have NO PROTOCOL FOR HEALING....NO RECOURSE FOR COMPENSATION!!!!! NOTHING!!!!! OMG what has happened to us??!!!!

I have pictures of my skin, the blood that started appearing on my face, from tiny specks of "sores"....just appearing in the morning when I woke up, for NO REASON AT ALL!!! I began telling my doctor about mysterious aches and pains I started having, that would NOT go away....and I had no clue as to why it was happening. I told my doctors about a feeling of malaise....almost to the point of being a constant nausea.....and a very strange sensation of my body "stiffening up" so that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, and it was a struggle to make it down the steps.

I told my doctors about the ringing in my ears....pain behind my right ear, where a "knot" appeared. I actually had one doctor try to convince me that it was from my glasses!! I insisted she feel the bump....and stood firm that I knew the difference between "mysterious pain" and pain from where my glasses would sit along my ear! It just made NO SENSE. Yes she finally (in exasperation) decided to send me to an ENT... who also HAD NO CLUE (OR LIED) and offered not much as far as diagnosis after SEVERAL was a lymph node, and I could have it removed. Well, still, there was NO ANSWER about the strange "swelling" or tenderness I felt all around my ear....then ALSO all around areas of my HEAD!!!! I chose not to be cut into until a doctor could tell me what it was....I was worried that something else was going on that could be made WORSE from surgery.

The more I suffered and tried desperately to recover and heal, the more "new symptoms" would appear!!! Can you imagine my DESPERATION and FEAR??!! Going from crying to the doctors, to becoming angry.....even taking my 70-yr old mother AND my little boys with me for some kind of VALIDATION!!!! I was finally sent to a rheumatologist (even though my test results showed that I did not have rheumatoid arthritis). So I really had no faith in that visit...even though by this time, my hands and feet were so sore, my right hand swelled, and I believe there is permanent damage. X-rays showed nothing abnormal....and I was once again dismissed....though any MORON can SEEEEE the damage with their own naked eyes!!!! I kept complaining....and I kept being told there was "nothing else" they could do. I would go home, completely mystified, crying.....I didn't understand. How could a doctor NOT be "concerned"??!

I was eventually diagnosed with tennis elbow (tendinitis), arthralgia, musculoskeletal disorder, trigeminal neuralgia....I've recently had an MRI for a stabbing feeling at the top of my head....but the MRI came back "normal". (Of course now I understand WHY) I had gone to physical therapy several times. (Which may have even been a big mistake on the doctors' part) There was one time, during a course of therapy that I thought I started to feel a little better....but that did not last long.....and in fact, my pains became worse. In frustration, I then said "The hell w/ all of them!!!" And continued to suffer.....searching for ANY clue!!!

You will not believe how I found out the TRUTH!!! I searched UNDETECTIBLE TOXIC DRUGS and POISONING....because that's exactly how it felt to me!! It felt as though I had been POISONED and the doctors could not find it!! And suddenly....THERE IT WAS!! How was I supposed to even REMEMBER the name of some antibiotics I took in 2003??!!!! YES 2003!!! I had been given AVELOX as well as TWO courses of LEVAQUIN!! I know I felt side-effects but continued my medication as prescribed by my physician. By the time the actual DAMAGE by these fluoroquinolones had occured, (we call them FQ's), I would NEVER have held these drugs suspect!!! WHO would even THINK such a thing!!

That's how absolutely mind-boggling this situation is!! AND IT IS KILLING US!!!!! I have been taking supplements daily....faithfully. The first thing I start with is COLLAGEN!! And I am finally coming to terms w/ the fact that my life has changed....and I may never fully recover. Every minute of every day is a struggle physically and emotionally. But I continue to fight the good fight. I have to..... what is the alternative??!! I am sharing your articles w/ my forums, as well as passing them along in emails. I am committed to promoting awareness about this grave situation esp through an informative email campaign that I call D-A-A-M....DEADLY ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS MISSION.

Instead of enjoying the life I share w/ my children and mother....and our 7 cats....and being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life itself.....I am working on this mission from the time I awaken (in PAIN) to the time I finally go to sleep, which is always in the wee hrs of the morning.

I found YOUR website about 5 AM!! In between time, I also home-educate my boys!! But I cannot and will not keep SILENT about the dangers of TOXIC FQ's, and how they are literally crippling innocent people...and DESTROYING THEIR LIVES!!!!! PLEASE....if there is ANYTHING you can do to help us.....ANYTHING at all....would you please consider giving us some of your time and insight into this matter?? We are struggling on a daily basis, with NOWHERE to turn, but each other. I am hoping I can make a difference. Will you please TRY to do something for us???? I am asking, at the very least, if you could possibly help w/ healing protocol. No promises, or guarantees......just some insight. It could be the start we are hoping and praying for.

Please continue to research and promote awareness with me!! For all of us!! I appreciate your time and consideration.....and anxiously await your reply!!

Thank you Sir, I remain Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Ms Shelley Sealover
Gary Moller comments:
Thank you so much, Shelley, for the moving story of your struggle with these harmful drugs that continue to be prescribed. I have retained your email address with this article so that others can contact you.

Sadly, current medical opinion about these drugs is the damage is permanent. However; I am much more optimistic than most. While there is undoubted damage to collagen in the body, I am forever amazed at the capacity of the body to heal, if only we provide the best possible conditions to assist it with that job and if only we give it time before resorting to more drugs.

I think the drugs companies and the doctors who manufacture and dish out this class of drugs to unsuspecting patients deserve to be sued to Kingdom Come. There is more than enough evidence that these drugs do irreparable harm and we have known for years.

I recommend that readers who think they may have been harmed by flouroquinolines and other drugs, like biphosphenates, contact Tom Lamb of Drug Injury Watch. It was Tom lamb who first brought these flouroquinoline antibiotics to may attention. There may be a class action law suit that one can join, rather than battle the Big Boys alone.

Some thoughts about how to support a Floxy Body
  • A hair tissue mineral analysis will be most interesting and may throw up some very interesting results that will help direct nutritional interventions.
  • Take collagen supplements, as you are, and natural sources such as beef and chicken bone broths which will also provide much needed minerals and proteins - refer to my Recipes Section.
  • Please read and follow my article here about chronic pain and fatigue. The advice applies.
  • Take up to 8,000 mg of Methylsulfonlymethane (MSM) per day, plus 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day. You could add a quality garlic oil and vitamin E. These will help detoxify the body of any poisons as well as providing nutrients - vit C and sulphur for healthy collagen.
  • You can also add a glucosamine supplement to the daily diet. If over 40, ensure there is also chondroitin. You do not need one with MSM, since you will be taking large amounts from a dedicated MSM supplement.
Give this time - the best part of a year to see if there are any significant benefits. Please keep us posted as to how you get on and we wish you all the best Shelley.
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