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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fixing an injured toe through massage and manipulation

"I happened across your video on fixing an injured big toe by manipulation, and so far it's been a miracle cure for me. The doctors I had gone to (several podiatrists and an orthopedic surgeon) all said I needed an operation, and one quack said I needed a joint replacement. "
Gary Moller comments:
The most conservative and the least invasive options should always be explored and exhausted first before going down pathways that one can not return by. Often, the solution is the most obvious and the most simple.

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Anonymous said...

In case anybody thinks that testimonial is a fake, I'm the guy! I posted my experimentation here using the sign on name "Justjoe":

One question, GM: In that video why were you going on about how extremely painful the manipulations are? Were you just kidding around, or are they painful for some people? The lady in the video didn't seem to be in any pain, and it's not painful at all for me.

I've refined my manipulation technique, and I have been doing it almost every night, and my toe continues to improve - and I've had this problem for over twenty years!

Joe, Tucson, Arizona

Gary Moller said...

Thanks for the feedback Joe. Most appreciated.

The lady in the video did suffer considerable pain the first few times before the video was recorded. For some people it sure does hurt and for others not so much. Some (You may be included) have high pain tolerances.

I am delighted that so many people have benefited from this short video. Incidentally, this video incurred the wrath of some expert podiatrists who were duly ignored. Ignored because it works in more cases than not and that is good enough for me!