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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I injured my big toe - what should I do to help recovery?

Gary, I was in a car accident two weeks ago. I had to hit the brake pedal very fast and hard (I was barefoot) Immediately following the collision I could not move my right foot. My big toe hit the brake pedal first and it had rubber from the pedal embedded in the skin on the bottom. It happened so quickly that I don't know if it bent too far forward.

I went to our family doctor the next morning for an xray, he said nothing looked to be broken and I should do RICE until it feels better. Diagnosed with a severe bruise. I can finally bear weight on my foot but only on the heel and right side. The bruising and inflammation has stopped but the big toe will not flex up or down.

I have made an appt to see a podiatrist on Thursday, but I am not sure if they can help with a stiff toe. Do you have any suggestions? Sincerly, Kimberly
Gary Moller comments:
Kimberley, now that more than two weeks have passed and with the knowledge that there is not a break, it is time to gradually begin restoring normal function. This is important to prevent the toe getting "stuck" with limited motion. Even if the toe is still very sore, movement is essential now that you are well past the first stages of recovery.

Your podiatrist should be able to assist you with exercises and ask for massage and assisted mobilisation.

Tip: Use your good big toe as your guide, never moving the injured toe further or harder than you can do so comfortably with the good toe.

You can aid healing with glucosamine and chondroitin with msm taken at the maximum dose recommended for the next four or so weeks. Fish oil with vitamin E may also be beneficial. You can get these off this website.

Please tell us how you get on and wishing you a fast and full recovery Kimberley

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