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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Massage, hallux rigidus and a bone spur?

Hey Gary,
based on your experience, is it possible to use your massage therapy technique to help/cure hallux rigidus even when a bone spur has grown?
Gary Moller responds:

Max, Without seeing X-rays, it would be difficult to give a definite yes or no to your question.

However there should not be a problem: The idea is to traction the affected joint so that the ligaments are stretched and the joint gapped. The joint is then skillfully glided and rotated back and forth. There may be a little grinding of the joint margins which will be painful but the bulk of the joint will be completely unaffected. An experienced massage therapist will know how to go carefully and progressively and to gauge just how much pain is to be caused.

Each session should begin and end with massage of the whole foot and even the legs. Yes, there will be residual pain for a few days after but this should diminish with each weekly session. Take glucosamine and chondroitin at the maximum doses while undergoing this therapy.

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