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Monday, September 08, 2008

Climate Change? Not convinced: Take a look at the New Zealand bush

If we were a day earlier starting our winter hike of the 80km Heaphy Track of the North Western corner of the South Island, we might not have made it through in the five days that were set aside.  Storms just days before had felled swathes of mature forest, uprooting and destroying whole sections of the track.

Fortunately for us, the storms had passed and cleanup crews had cleared most of the fallen trees and completed makeshift repairs to the track.

Futher along the track there was evidence of how even milimeters of sea-level rise can translate into huge storm surges that sweep deep into seldom swamped areas.

Sure, the storm like the one we suffered in August was a "one in 50 year occurence" but these now seem to be "once a year occurences".  Many of these trees take hundreds of years to mature: How many will still be standing in 100 years from now?  And how high above sea level will the tracks have to be rebuilt?

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Anonymous said...

if you mean "global warming" by climate change, i'm fully not convinced by al gore's nasty con-job.....

and do you have proof of a rise in sea level of "even millimeters"

if our weather is different (and it does seem to be) i'd look into haarp and chemtrails first

Gary Moller said...

Well, every month - sorry - week, a new weather record of some kind is set.

Samoa was an eye-opener. The locals have been busy building crude sea walls. One defunct resort we stayed in had the water lapping within a meter of our accommodation. They had lost their entire beach. On my partner's family land, the sea water is beginning to bubble up through the ground each monthly high tide.

Further, most of the the coral reef appears bleached.

Not good.

Vapour trails? Conspiracies with the CIA and Monsanto aside, I have some great photos that show how local climate can be changed by a few jets with the right atmospheric conditions.

Anonymous said...

some key questions:

is the sea rising or is Samoa sinking?

do you have any reliable (not funded by the global warming inustry) figures showing the sea level rising in relation to a continent?

why would sea levels be rising?

was there more ice in 2008, or 2006, or 1508?

how do you know sea levels are not dropping?


vapour trails (contrails) are not the same as chemtrails

Gary Moller said...

Levels have been rising far too fast to be due to sinking alone.

Sinking does not explain coral bleaching - heat does.

Warm water expands. Does not require ice cap melting for sea levels to rise in the Tropics.

Better that!