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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Book launch - "Jorge Sandoval - Surviving Pinochet"

I first met Jorge about 1978 through the PNP Cycling Club and have followed his career as both a cyclist and sports promoter.  While I had a number of associations with Chileans who had come to New Zealand to escape the tyranny of the the CIA backed Pinochet thugs, I had no idea of the suffering they had inflicted on Jorge.

It was only after I published an article titled "Good riddance to General Pinochet" that Jorge told me of his story, including detention and torture on the sailing ship named "Esmeralda".  I did suggest at the time he should write about his life.

Jorge has written a book.  Here is the link to his website:
Surviving Pinochet

For those who can make it, the book is lauched Tuesday 28th October, Wellington, New Zealand.  Details on his website.

As an aside, I was dating a lovely Chilean woman, named Raquel, some years ago.  On our first date I took her to the movies - "Schindler's List".  That was a very bad choice.  She sobbed through the screening.  Afterwards, she explained how the military had stormed her university campus and systematically executed her student friends. Despite my insensitive taste in movies we are still good friends.

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