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Friday, November 14, 2008

Is Life Force Body Balance good for you and good value for money?

I was reading your website (found you on google when I searched MLM scams etc and found the comments on MLM very interesting. I have a traditional business model so I do not know much about these sorts of companies apart from the fact that the people that always approach me never seem to look well off .

I get approached most weeks for something to do with health and wellness usa companies by well meaning customers or colleagues and have declined so far

My dilemma is I want a product I can take each day to help me regain energy, and to rid myself of the aches and pains, plus to generally increase well being

I do a lot of physical work and now I am starting to suffer from all the accidents over the years and to many back strains etc

However I know all the MLM companies products are overpriced to pay everybody so do you have a recommendation of a daily supplement that will help me as above

There is one from a company (the latest approach) which caught my attention but as usual its $50 a bottle and they recommend you start with 8 per month ouch!!
Gary comments:
On the face of it the product referred to looks as good as any others. Quality is not the issue. What is at issue is the business model and the price of the product. These products are priced to direct the customer into the eel trap that is the business model of multi level marketing (MLM) schemes.

These schemes do not work for the vast majority of participants. MIM schemes generate great wealth for those at the top of the pyramid while leaving countless thousands of people at the bottomwho have lost money. Due to the hard sell methods employed these schemes can be family wreckers. They have the potential to destroy workplace relationships and rub out community goodwill. Poeple have been so distracted their day jobs have suffered and some people have even lost their jobs.

As you read this you will gather that I am not on the Christmas card lists of multi level pyramid scheme marketers. Here are all my articles about these pyramid schemes so that you can get a better idea of what I am going on about.

So, take care and try not to get sucked in by the hype and the promise of overnight wealth. Even if the product is "endorsed by doctors" so was cigarette smoking at one time.

If you are suffering aches and pains and feel your health could generally be better than it is, it is better to develop a nutrition plan that is customised to your specific needs, rather than a one size fits all solution like a vegetable juice drink that costs $50 a bottle.

I do like the Active Elements programme to kick the ball off because it helps me to identify a person's health issues and specific needs. For a general supplement I quite like the Balance Sports Multi for active people. You could add Nutra-Life Fruitful Greens or Berry Brights. These are good value and can be added to smoothies. I like to add a couple of big spoons to a big bowl of fruit salad which we keep in the family fridge. It is delicious when had with my home made yoghurt.

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