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Monday, November 24, 2008

More feedback from a Happy Camper

 "I just finished my appt with gary. He's fantastic! He really listened to me + provided explanations for why I feel the way I do. Hopefully working with him will make me feel heaps better."
I always aim to please!  

Seriously, I think one of the biggest failings of healthcare nowadays is the fact that most healthcare professionals do not allocate enough time to simply listen to their clients/patients. If only 15 mintues is set aside for an apppointment, this allows barely 5-10 minutes for actual hands on stuff and only enough time to settle in and then to set up the next appointment between filling any prescription pads. Its just not good enough.

The problem is that pricing structures and fixed overheads are such that once the quick-fire appointment setup is established, the health professional is pretty much locked in for good.

From the very beginning, I have stuck to the practice of having appointments set to one hour.
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1 comment:

Wayne said...

Overheads. going to see any professional based in commercial property, means half the money you hand over is just going to pay for the rent of the premises.
Health bills high? how flash is the building you are visiting where your health practitioner is?
How do you think they afford that building?
flash buildings don't cure people, smart health practitioners do. do some research and get references on your health practitioner. if they arent in a flash building maybe its because they actually care more about helping people than looking prestigious.
Gary keeps his overheads down by working from a home office, that still has everything he needs to do his job effectively, find someone local who thinks similarly.
what sort of vehicle does your health practitioner drive? ask them, because you're the one paying the mortgage fuel and insurance for it, what are you funding , ability or ego?