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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Further advice about mobilising a stiff toe (hallux rigidus, hallux limitus, turf toe)

Well, I never thought that a video showing a guy pulling a pretty woman's toe would generate so much interest!   The following is further advice in support of this video....

If the joint is beginning to ossify, then this is the time to commence mobilising it.  If you leave it be, then the odds are that the toe will simply fuse and you don't want that.  

It should be done by an experienced massage therapist, osteopath or chiropractor.  At the same time, listen carefully to the advice of your Dr.  Remember that I am not present, so my advice must be carefully and cautiously considered.

I recommend that you commence with a few weeks of glucosamine with fish oil and the Active Elements Tissue Salts.  You should also be taking 2,000mg of vitamin C daily and large amounts of MSM.  It is essential that your body has the nourishment to capitalise on the effects of the mobilisation.

Only mobilise the toe once a week and do so for at least 4 sessions. The pain of the procedure should diminish by about the 3rd session and recovery should be quicker and residual pain should be less as well.  It is important that the person doing the procedure tractions the toe to gap the joint before actively mobilising it.

Do not use pain killers to dull any pain associated with the procedure.  Use pain to guide how much work to have done on the toe at any one time.  Pain killers are out.

I think you should also look at getting a pair of Formthotics Shock Stop heat moulded inner soles and wear them in your shoes all the time.  These will support the foot and the toe while not restricting movement.

Continue the nutrition for as long as there is any pain and then for at least a month after.

While the intention is to help and not to sell you things, here are the links to what you need and delivery to the US is usually about 2-4 weeks and the prices are definitely competitive:

Active Elements
Get 2.1 and 3.1 and take 4 of each per day

Fish oil with glucosamine
Take 4-8 caps per day

Take up to 8 caps per day

Shock Stop

Vitamin C
2,000mg per day (This is the non acid form - you must not take too much acid foods while there is joint pain)

You should be looking closely at your diet ensuring that everything that goes into you is as close to natural and unprocessed.  Include fresh red meat, preferably grass fed and foods high in dietary sulphur like fresh garlic.

No junk food, go easy on the coffee and no artificial sweeteners, preservatives etc.

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