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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am preparing for a half marathon by running 21km every day - comments please Gary

"I am very new to running and in fact until recently had not done any exercise since 2005! Id maybe do something for a day then nothing for 6 months!

I have just been searching for a running programme to start to train for the half marathon in Feb 09 in Buller
  • I have only just found running and only for the last few months
  • I am not fast and have a long way to go
  • I have found that I like to run for an hour and half in a session
  • I have lost 33 kilos in the last year and so now want to use running to keep it off
  • I am booked to do the New York Marathon next nov
  • I am just starting to think about running to a plan and also what to eat etc
  • I usually run on an empty stomach from the night before and find I like to run empty. I also don’t drink when I run
  • I cover about 14 km in about 1hour 20 minutes so you can see its very slow
  • I want to start running (or walking/running) the 21 km distance every day now until the half marathon
From what I have read its not how people train but I am one of those people who familiarity makes things easier
I also like that fact that I’m psychologically doing the distance every day (or at least 5 out of 7 days)
Why cant we run like this everyday , from what I see our bodies adapt to most everything. Some people run 10 kms everyday so why not 21kms?

What’s your thoughts on this?

Oh I’m 45 and have no joint or other problems, probably cos my body hasn’t been over used, I don’t get sore after a long run and actually look like I haven’t even done it after it (that’s probably cos of the slow speed I run ) I even find down hill doesn’t hurt me either, up hill , the same, may feel it slightly in my butt but nothing like the people who I have run with, who complain of hips or buttock soreness?"

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