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Monday, December 01, 2008

I have a pain in the right leg, deep inside the leg

"Although I'm in the USA and you are in NZ, maybe you have some I deas that could help me.
I have a pain in the right leg, deep inside the leg, back and to the right of the knee (but not in the joint).
The pain starts after about 5-10 minutes of walking (used to walk 3 miles every day, can't do that anymore).
Sometimes it's so intense I can't continue walking, sometimes I can walk it off.
The pain started about 3 years ago, then went (almost away) for close to a year, and now is back with a vengeance.
I've had the following tests done:
Ultrasound of the leg.
X rays of the leg
Neurology test
No one can find the cause.
I'm a 70 year (in December) male, in good health and shape, and really don't relish the idea of becoming a couch potato.
Now there is a suggestion of injections of novocaine or cortisone.
What do you think?
Any advice.suggestions would be greatly appreciated."
Les, There is always the possibility of a blood clot in the back of the leg; but the tests you have had more or less eliminate that.  That is good news.

The most obvious possibility, going from the description you have given, is a tendonitis/bursitis of the the iliotibial band.  It is very common in walkers and runners.  Here is what you do:
  • Go to an experienced sports massage therapist and get a thorough massage of the iliotibial band, including the hamstrings, backside and front thigh muscles.  It is likely that there will be a tight, painful and possibly slightly swollen area at the point of discomfort felt when walking.  You will probably discover that you have painful knotts in the backside muscles.  You will need at least three thorough massages weekly and maybe several more for a lasting benefit.
  • Complete the Active Elements Assessment to work out your mineral salts needs.  If the injury is what i suspect, then there is a strong association with depletion of calcium fluoride and silica salts which give connective tissues their strength and pliability.
  • Get some flax and fish oil supplements into your body daily.  These improve the health of collagen as well as having a natural anti-inflammatory effect.
Please read my previous articles and advice about cortisone injections and you will be able to jusdge for yourself my opinion about these.

Please let us know how you get on Les.
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