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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video about the hidden Dangers of Aspartame (Sweeteners E951 Sugarfree Diet Zero)

If you have an illness for which there is no obvious explanation, then it is necessary to begin burrowing into your diet and lifestyle to identify possible causes. Usually, there is not one; but several factors that may be impacting on your good health. On their own each may seem to be pretty innocuous; but together they may combine to produce the "Perfect Storm" of chronic ill health.

One of the most common factors to be percolating below the surface is sensitivity to chemicals which food manufacturers put into their products, often in the name of better health and nutrition - would you believe it! One of the most ubiquitous is Aspartame.  Aspartamane is found in just about every processed product imaginable, including many vitamin and sports supplements (Read all labels carefully folks and be prepared to get a shock).

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