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Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a "Slap Shoulder" injury. Which glucosamine supplement is best

My name is Andraž and I´m 21 years old.

I´ve just seen one of your presentations on youtube about glucosamine and I have one question. I´m training gymnastics and I was operated on my shoulder - the diagnosis was SLAP LAESIO or slap shoulder. So they fixed my sinew of long head of biceps brachii. I had this operation about 4 years ago. It is quite ok now, but I was thinking about taking glucosamine as a dietary supplement.

But I don´t know which product to choose. Should I take glucosamine in combination with higher amount of chondroitin or the one with higher MSM? Because I don´t know which component is better for ˝repairing˝ sinew (because it differs a little bit from cartilage). So, is it better to take (beside glucosamine of course) higher doses of chondroitin or MSM?

Andraž from Slovenia.
Andraz, while glucosamine will not directly benefit the particular joint injury you have suffered (You have damaged the joint capsule and tendons - not the cartilage joint surfaces) it will certainly do you no harm. This is because glucosamine and chondroitin do assist with maintaining healthy collagen of which your damaged tissues mainly consist of.

MSM will assist with restoring collagen to good health and has a healthy natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Probably the best combination for a young person in your situation is the Balance Joint Repair for Athletes. This covers all bases.

Add Active Elements 2.1 - 2-4 tablets per day to supply silica and calcium flouride which maintain strong and flexible collagen. Deficiency in these shows in the body as hard and inflexible tendons and ligaments, poor skin, hair and nails, including heels that crack.

Ensure your diet is rich in a wide range of unprocessed fats and oils. Each meal should have a little quality protein in it rather than all the protein being lumped into a single meal.

Combine this nutrition with a weekly sports massage of the shoulder girdle and regular stretching. Review progress in about three months and adjust therapies accordingly.

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