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Friday, February 06, 2009

Cleanse Your Body from the Inside Out

Comment by Gary:
This article is by Guest Writer, Holly Mcarthy, Editor of a website about Geriratric Nursing Training in the USA.

There are many body cleansing systems. There are a number of fads doing the rounds right now, such as the Lemon Detox Diet. I have had two cases so far of people suffering heart palpitations and severe muscle cramping while on the Lemon Diet. Rather than just criticise these fad diets, I have decided to research the subject and offer a detoxification programme that is both effective and safe.

The detox programme that I have chosen is the "Herbalist's Herbal Detox Kit" which is formulated by a leading New Zealand health practitioner herbalist, Brett Elliot. The herbal combinations in The Herbalist's Herbal Detox Kit work to improve digestive secretions, such as bile and enzymes, increase peristalsis, and speed metabolism. Liver and kidney functions are also stimulated.

Here is Holly's article:

Cleanse Your Body from the Inside Out

As we get older, our bodies have done an amazing amount of work in keeping us healthy and free of complications. While the body may get run down and sick from time to time, it is generally successful when it comes to achieving this goal. As winter begins to come to a close and spring peeks around the corner, we need to consider cleansing our internal organs to help make sure that our bodies operate at peak performance.

Why Cleanse?

Our bodies are constantly working to keep us healthy and disease-free. For example, the liver, our master cleansing organ, filters two quarts of blood every minute. As this blood passes through, the liver filters and cleans the blood, removing impurities and toxins. If you were to look at your body as you would any other sophisticated machine, it becomes clear that some maintenance is in order from time to time.

In addition to the liver, the lungs, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, and intestinal tract all work to help remove or eliminate harmful toxins from the human body. Obviously, the amount of toxic buildup in the human body depends very much on the lifestyle of the individual in question, but everyone needs to cleanse from time to time.

Some signs and symptoms that you made need to do a cleansing cycle include headaches, fatigue, skin problems, depression, cloudy thinking, weight gain, bad breath, or body odor. These complications may indicate a buildup of toxins in your organs and tissues.

Beginning this cycle in the beginning of spring is a great way to maximize the benefits of internal cleansing. However, if you have a feeling that your body has a particularly large amount of toxic buildup, it may be necessary to run through a cleansing regimen a couple of times to see and feel the desired results.

Selecting a Cleansing Product

There are many herbal cleansing products on the market these days that can be found at most health food stores. You want to find a product that is going to be a whole body cleanse. Each step of this cleansing process is going to focus on different parts of your body to ultimately foster a sense of health and well-being.

Targeting the organs, especially the liver and making sure they are clean and operating at optimal levels is the ultimate goal. The digestive system should also be targeted, with the aim of cleaning out the fecal matter and bacteria that build up in the system over years of eating processed foods and not chewing food properly.

What to Expect During Whole Body Cleansing

As you begin your cleansing regimen, you can expect several things to happen. The first things you’ll notice is that you actually might feel a little worse. Don’t let this bother or deter you—it means the supplements are working. Speak with your doctor before and during the cleansing process to make sure that you are healthy enough to participate in a cleansing program. Some symptoms, such as bad breath, body odor, and skin problems may worsen as you eliminate toxins.

Additionally, you will more than likely have several bowel movements a day that will contain old digestive buildup. This is normal and also indicates that your cleansing program is working effectively. After you have completed the cleansing process, you should feel markedly different and hopefully better. Cleaning your body from the inside out should be done at least once, but preferably twice a year to ensure optimal body function and performance.

This post was contributed by Holly McCarthy, who writes on the subject of a geriatric nursing certificate. She invites your feedback at hollymccarthy12 at gmail dot com
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Wayne said...

there has to be a cheaper way than this.
I could probably do it on $20 of kiwifruit and acidophilus.
when i think of how much cleansing food and herbs I could go out and by for $120, I"d rather spend the money that way.