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Monday, February 09, 2009

TV3 Expert on Vitamin D is hopelessly out of date

Please have a look at the TV3 Video here (please be patient - it may take a while to load). Where did they find this medical expert? The advice and the explanations he gives about vitamin D and sunlight are a litany of ignorance and misinformation. So much so that I have no idea where to begin with pointing out the factual errors.

For example: Where is the evidence that "incidental exposure" to the sun of hands and face is sufficient?  Does he know of the research that links low levels of vitamin D with at least 28 cancers?  Is he aware that lifetime risk of all cancers can be reduced by 60% by boosting vitamin D levels?  Rickets:  Is he aware that rickets is on the increase in New Zealand with cases reported in sunny places like Wellington and the Waikato?  Where did he get his facts about sunscreen not interfering with vitamin D production?  Astonishing!  But I will not go on.

Educate yourself about the health benefits of vitamin D
If this doctor is typical of doctors in New Zealand, then we have cause to be very worried about the state of our national health care.

To learn the truth about vitamin D and your health, you may begin your own research here and follow the links to various authorities, including Dr John Cannel and the Vitamin D Council. I have written over 50 articles about vitamin D.

Along with agencies like the Cancer Society, experts like the Dr in the TV3 item are so far out of line with the research it would be funny if it were not for the fact that these people are playing with innocent lives. It is no wonder the public are turning to other sources for their health information and advice.

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