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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here are just a few LIES about fat that you need to be aware of

We are being lied to (perhaps explicably!) by doctors and dieticians concerning FAT. This is unfortunate because in this country we have an essential fatty acid deficiency which is epidemic in proportion. Because essential fatty acid (EFAs) deficiencies can result in virtually every disease afflicting a person, it is easy to hide the true root of a disease's problem... and doctors can continue to sell the hapless individual expensive, dangerous, and ineffective pharmaceuticals a person doesn’t want or shouldn't need!
-You- must become semi-knowledgeable about fats because what you don't know can provoke illness, even kill you... or, at best (!) make you stupid. Here are just a few of the lies about FAT addressed in this paper:
  1. Saturated fat is bad.
  2. Unsaturated vegetable oil is good.
  3. Margarine is more healthful than butter.
  4. Coconut oil is bad.
  5. Canola oil is better than olive oil.
  6. One can meet EFA requirements through diet alone.
  7. (Recent lie) Trans-fatty acids are now considered as bad as saturated fat.
  8. (Another recent lie) The American Heart Association is concerned about your heart!
The following will answer the above misstatements of fact and provide the reasons why we're being lied too...
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