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Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Tamiflu everything it is claimed to be?

Right now, New Zealand Health Officials are rolling out their stockpiles of Tamiflu. We are given the impression that we MUST have Tamiflu if we are to survive a dose of the Swine Flu. Of course this rubbish for all but a few of the most infirm among us.

That deaths have occured in Mexico and none to date in the United States indicates the importance of a clean environment and mineral and other nutrient rich food for immune health. Yet again, we are being suckered into believing that our only protection from bugs is high-cost pharmaceuticals. This ignores the importance of the environment as first explained in Antoine B├ęchamp's "Law of the Terrain" (19 Century) which basically states that bugs will require a stressed or unbalanced environment if they are to thrive.

I do think we are better off promoting strategies that boost the immune systems of populations. Viruses rely on an overall weakness in the immune systems of populations, so that they can proliferate and spread like wildfire within vulnerable groups. This is why Flu does not proliferate during summer when immune systems are at their seasonal strengths.

Is Tamiflu safe and effective? I have my reservations. Please go here to read about adverse Tamiflu reactions and decide for yourself if Tamiflu is for you and your family.

A better way to safeguard your family is to introduce measures right now to bolster their immune defences. Please read my earlier articles by following the Key Words below.
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