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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will a Protein Powder help me lose Weight?

Hi Gary,

I recently started purchasing your Waihi Bush flaxseed oil and am now looking at getting into protein powder as well. I attend the gym around 4 times a week (2xcardio and 2x resistance training) I am also on weight watchers. My goal is to lose weight.

Would you suggest protein powder is a good way to assist me to lose weight ( I eat a well balanced diet anyway but since starting at the gym my trainer is encouraging protein powder as a in-between meal supplement to increase my intake of protein and keep me feeling full for longer) ?

If so, which one would you say is best at weight loss – I don’t care about taste etc….

Also I have been recommended American protein powders such as BSN lean dessert and gaspari intrapro.. these are quite costly and appear to be no different to your balance product however they do provide many vitamins and minerals as well – do the balance products provide vitamins and minerals?
Gary responds:
A protein powder is a good tool to assist weight loss. Whey protein reduces sugar cravings between meals while preserving lean tissue. Of course, it assists with building healthy muscle and recovery from your workouts.

The best value by far is the NZ made pure Balance Whey - No Flavours. You can go for the flavoured whey proteins which do not glug when mixed with a liquid; but these contain artificial sweeteners which are best avoided. And you get less protein for your bucks. The imported ones tend to be highly overpriced. In the end whey is whey so go for best value. Support New Zealand. All these products can be purchased from my web store.

If you think you need extra vitamins and minerals have a look at the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack which should cover all your needs.

Have the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack before and after exhausting workouts. I can assure you that it does improve performance and speed recovery. If you feel you need additional minerals and vitamins, in the absence of evidence of specific need, such as an iron deficiency, you can then look at one of the quality Women's Multis or Balance Sports Multi which is my favourite for active people. But the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack covers most needs. You do not need much more than this.

The way to use whey for weight loss is to have a small scoop mixed in a small cup of whole milk (Keep away from the low fat versions) between meals. This will help reduce sugar cravings while helping build lean weight in response to your workouts. Have the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack before and after the workouts. Got the idea!

As lean weight increases, you increase the total amount of nutrient dense food that you eat daily. You need to do this to maintain your lean mass and not risk getting into a state of chronic exhaustion. Your diet must include a wide variety of healthy natural fats and oils. Avoid all highly processed hydrogenated oils and fats, including all margarines (Even the ones that claim to be healthy!). Fat rediced foods are generally unhealthy for you despite all the pusing they get from Big Business. Avoid milk that is homogenised and fat reduced. The best to go for is the Farmhouse Silvertop Full Cream Milk.

When it comes to eating fat: LESS is MORE - So long as it is often!

If you are concerned about your weight and body composition, start by eliminating the guesswork about your body composition. Purchase a Salter 9106 Body Composition Analysis Scale off my site, then send me the results for comment.

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