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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why do you recommend against low fat milk?

Hello Gary. I'm enjoying your responses to various questions related to fitness training and weight loss. I notice in your most recent newsletter that you recommend against low fat milks. Why is that?
Gary responds:
When I was a child I was a milk monitor at school. This was a highly contested position because the monitor got to drink the left over milk - Yummy! It was full cream non-homogenised milk. I later milked cows for a living while a student. One thing I know is our cows were treated like Queens! Happy, contented cows produce good milk.

Milk is very different nowadays. Homogenisation is an unwelcome development. There is no health benefit from this process and plenty of anecdotal testimony that it can pass undigested through the gut wall of many people.

Modern cows are 90% A-1 protein which many people have difficulty digesting. A-1 is implicated in degenerative diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Old World cows are type A-2 protein with little or no association with ill health.

Unpasteurised milk has over 900 nutrients, including enzymes and active, beneficial bacteria to aid digestion. Pasteurisation reduces these nutrients to about 120.

When the fat is removed from processed milk, most of these remaining nutrients are removed from the milk, including the fats and the fat soluble vitamins. The remaining anaemic milk water has little nutritional value.

Where do all the extracted nutrients end up?
The real money in milk is in the processing: extracting the high value nutrients such as creatine, beta alanine, carnitine, HMB and whey protein and selling these as Super Foods.

Rather than dump the once worthless left over water some ingenious milk industry marketing executive devised a public education campaign to brainwash the consumer into believing that this waste water is actually good for them. This included getting on board Government public health agencies and health advocacy organisations by way of industry funded research and generous sponsorships.

Now that a huge market for this waste water has been created by hysteria and misinformation about obesity and heart disease - and fat - these cunning executives have now worked out how to add value to this once worthless product: Put back some of the calcium they took out, call it "Calci-Trim" and charge a premium! Take the Calci Trim and put back some of the vitamin K and vitamin D and call it "Anlene" for women and charge a bomb-load for it!

Don't you feel conned after reading this?

The milk we drink in our home is delicious full-bodied raw full cream direct from the cow. Our family drink about 6 liters per week and have done so for the last 2 years. During this time the family has thrived. My skin has cleared, I am running as well as I did 20 years ago and my cholesterol levels have even dropped! Oh - and my body fatness has dropped to 11%. My 22 yr old daughter and partner are both about 15% fat (Average Samoan my partner's age is 50%+). Our youngest son who lives at home is super lean, fit and strong.

Won't full cream milk make you fat?
It will if you drink too much. But how much is too much?

Because real milk is packed with all the nutrients needed to build a strong and healthy body, including fats, proteins and vitamins, digestion is slower and the sense of satisfaction is longer. With less craving, overall intake of calories may be less. Healthy lean tissue burns energy.

Drink more full cream milk and eat less of refined foods that have little nutritional value

For more information about the health benefits of raw A-2 milk and the counter arguments to the campaign to discredit the health benefits of fats, go to the Weston Price Foundation website here. Incidentally, the Head of the Foundation, Sally Fallon, is married to a retired farmer from New Zealand. I have met them both. The World can be a small place indeed!

If you can't get raw milk, the next best product in New Zealand is Farmhouse Silvertop which can be found in most supermarkets and dairies. If it is not stocked - ask for it. If you can find A-2 milk - buy that.

Fats and all the nutrients that go with them are essential for a long and healthy life - so long as this is a mix of the right fats and not in excess.

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