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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can Epsom Salts relieve the symptoms of Psoriasis?

I suffer from psoriasis, and have been doing a bit of reading and have come up with the benefits of Epsom salts. From what I read they can help and relieve the symptoms of it. Can you back this up? As I am trying most things as haven’t had much luck at the Skin Speacialist.
Thanks Tim
Gary responds:
I have success with psoriasis using a natural health approach. My experience is that psoriasis improves as imbalances in nutrients and deficiencies are corrected. There may also be toxicities from exposure to industrial contaminants including solvents and heavy metals. People who have been exposed to these are overly represented in the psoriasis stakes. Psoriasis is common in screen printers, lino layers and those who repair heavy machinery. Blood tests may show signs of liver damage. Toxicity is near universal with longterm use of various prescription drugs for poor digestion, depression and blood pressure management. Signs of toxicity include poor skin, hair and nails, fluid retention, poor digestion, bulging lower abdomen, fibromyalgia and fatigue.

A driving factor in conditions like psoriasis, eczema and even asthma is adrenal fatigue. If the adrenals are underfunctioning, the production of natural cortisone drops and inflammatory conditions freely develop. As you will know, synthetic cortisones, such as Prednisone, are the principal class of drug for treating such conditions. Restoring healthy adrenal function will bring about lasting improvements in inflammatory conditions and even complete resolution.

There are many nutrients that I suspect are involved in persistent skin conditions like psoriasis. These include magnesium, selenium and zinc which most people are lacking. Sulphur is another and, yes, magnesium and sulphur are found in Epsom Salts (MgSO4) - magnesium sulphate. Bathing in a warm Epsom Salts bath is soothing and leaves the skin soft and supple, for sure. However; I do not feel this is the solution for skin conditions like psoriasis.

Incidentally: Did you know that there is a strong link between selenium deficiency and skin cancer? Well there sure is! Just about every New Zealander is lacking selenium. If its good enough for our farm animals and race horses, it has to be good for us as well. Have you ever wondered why the Cancer Society does not tell the public this? Is it because this does not fit with the lucrative search for the "Cure"?

The best approach to dealing with psoriasis using natural therapies, is to first get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis completed. This test is remarkably accurate and informative nowadays, being done with the help of a mass spectrometer and commented upon by a specialist biochemist. The results of the analysis helps with developing an intervention that works.

Improvements in the affected skin is subtle, slow and takes months, if not years to resolve, so I advise you to take photos of the affected areas for comparison later on. The sooner one begins the journey the better.

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1 please comment:

Wayne said...

Eating a balanced diet with all hte micronutrients like the ones gary mentions is essential, even if you do have so supplement them.
In NZ the govt have just allowed junk food back into our schools, this is a crime. exposure to these foods setup the young for long term chronic health problems. a recent study shows you are 80% less likley to end up with chronic diseases if you eat a balanced diet.
refined and low fat food should not even be thought of as food. it's highly unblanced empty calories that strip the body of what little nutrients people on junk food diets have.
eat propery and exercise outdoors and you WILL DEFINITELY LIVE PAST 100 years with good health. but we look at living that long as an exception.