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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can you recommend a post-workout drink for recovery?

"I am doing cycle interval and dumbbell training to gain fitness/strength and lose a bit of fat, and
am not sure if I would be better off with a whey protien or something else. I believe that a post
workout drink is very important so maybe something along those lines? I had initially thought
that just taking some whey protein in the morning would be good.

Could you please recommend me a supplement or explain which ones would benefit me?"

Gary responds:
There are two supplements that you can add to your regime:

1-2 scoops of whey protein to a smoothie once or twice a day. This could even become part of your healthy breakfast and later after a good workout. Here is the recipe for my Super Smoothie. You can get whey delivered from here. Whey taken in small amounts over the day aid recovery from exercise, assists fat loss and helps build lean tissue including muscle.

The other item you can add is Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack which contains many of the items mentioned in my Super Smoothie page, so you do not have to purchase these individually. Because this is ready mixed, you do not have to go to all the trouble of figuring out how much of each to take relative to the others. Take about one scoop per day and then one more before and after significant workouts. This works beautifully with the whey Super Smoothie.

There are a couple of other items that can be added such as vitamin D, Coenzyme Q-1-0 and Lifestream Astazan (All highly recommended for hard working athletes!).

There is not much more that you need to take; unless you have specific health issues such as anaemia, allergies and the like. Please ensure you have a really nutrient dense diet of fresh whole foods. Email me with details if you have specific health issues.

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Wayne said...

any increase in protein intake needs to be watched, enough fibre and oil will be necessary to stop constipation from the protein, whey has neglible fibre or fat in it,
fibre and fat ,keep the bowels regular

Anonymous said...

the book "fibre menace" by Konstantin Monastyrsky (very interesting book) has a different opinion on fibre to say the least!

other post workout drinks could include water kefir, milk kefir (made from raw milk), coconut water kefir, or kombucha