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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So why do our tendons turn into bone? Calcific Tendonitis

"First off, Tendons DO NOT turn to bone.

They can become tough, brittle, hard, like a dry crunchy sponge instead of a soft squishy sponge. They can become HARD, but they don't turn to bone."

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Calcification of tissues, including tendons, is a problem that I encounter almost daily. When palpating the tendons and muscles, you can feel the hardening of the texture. Healthy muscles and tendons are flexible and pliable.
The Tendonitis Expert is onto the solution - limiting calcium intake, increasing magnesium, reducing inflammation and deep tissue massage.
How much calcium and how much magnesium is enough?
This is not a straight forward answer because it may be as much to do with imbalance as to do with excess. Some of us need more calcium, others less and some of us need more magnesium and some less. Blood tests are not accurate because they only tell us what is happening in the blood that day; whereas we want to know what is going on inside the cells day-to-day. A hair tissue mineral analysis, performed in a licenced laboratory using modern mass spectometry gives us an accurate insight of the inner workings of your cells.
If you want to get this done for yourself, contact me and I will send you details of how to go about getting a hair tissue mineral analysis, plus a hair collection envelope and clinic form. Or you can go here and order an Interclinical Laboratories Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

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Wayne said...

the western acidic diet high in processed food fat and protein, drives calcium out of the bones and holds calcium from food around the body to neutralise the acidity, in the process calcification.
pasteurised milk is a form of calcium the body finds hard to assimilate into bones and cells, building up as calcification.
vegans have better bone density and little calcification than meat and dairy food eaters.