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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was told that all the Vitamin D I take will cancel out my vaccination. Is this true?

Hi. I recently got the H1N1 vaccination (shot). I normally take about 1400 IU of Vitamin D each day and a multi-vitamin, along with probiotics. I continued this, my daily routine after my shot. I was told that all the Vitamin D I take will cancel out my vaccination. Is this true? Now I am worried that I will not be fully immunized like I had hoped to be. I also applied ice to my injection site for the day after my shot.

Thank you so much for your help.
Gary comments:
There is no contraindication with vitamin D and your vaccination. The effect of the vaccination may in fact be enhanced due to the more positive response of your immune system to the vaccine's contents.

If you are healthy, including having good levels of vitamin D, then the necessity of having the swine flu vaccine is to be questioned. The only reason for such a vaccination is if you have a health issue such as being on imunosupressant drugs.

Swine flu is a mild flu which many of us in New Zealand have already had without complication (including my family). Many healthy people did not even realise they had it! Deaths from H1N1 complications are less than with seasonal flu. So why all the fuss? If you are a healthy person there is no need for the vaccine. I think the vaccine is a money making scheme sold by fear-mongering marketing with willing collusion by insincere politicians and bureaucrats.

The H1N1 vaccine may be one of the more dangerous of vaccines. It contains mercury and aluminium. Both of these are extremely toxic heavy metals that accumulate in the body. Any amount of these toxic metals in the body is far too much. The only safe level is nil. Meercury and aluminium are particularly toxic on the nervous system and are implicated in diseases like Alzheimers and dementia.

Levels of toxicity can be assessed with forensic accuracy with an ICL hair tissue mineral analysis. If you want this test, write to me here with your address and I will mail you the information you need to get this test done.

That your arm swelled and was hot and sore at the injection site is due to the damage done by the toxins aluminium hydroxide and the thimerosol (mercury). These can cause scarring to the tissue under the skin, including the muscle - not to mention the potential for brain damage.
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Unknown said...

On the contrary, I can see why it is suggested that vitamin D not be ingested following an injection. Vitamin D is regarded as an immunosupressant - it stops the immune system from over compensating, and consequently damaging normally healthy tissue. So, if you consume a vitamin D supplement following vaccination, the ability of your body to adapt to the antigen in the vaccine may be compromised due to a 'lazy' immune system.

Gary Moller said...

Thanks for the interesting comments Ryan.

I wonder if it is right to refer to the effect as being "immunosupressive"? Yes, it does help the immune system respond appropriately; but is that "immunosupressive"? I think not.

Is there any evidence that a relatively modest dose of Vit D (1200iu) will do anything "immunosupressive"; especially where serum D levels are on the low side as is the case for the majority of people?

Like: Is the flu shot ineffective when administered to surf life guards?

Intersting question. If you can shed more light on this, I am very interested to learn more.

Wayne said...

the major problem with swine flu where it kills people is a massive over reaction of the immune system to the virus, where inflammation and pneumonia shut the body down, obese people are already in an over inflammatory state and very prone to further over inflammation. as usual the medical profession have it all back to front. if anything vitamin D is an anti inflammatory. On average the closer you live to teh equator the stronger your sun exposure is year round, and funnily enough, you are more likely to live longer. so is all the extra sun exposure and vitamin d really an immuno suppressive? if the academics got their heads our of their theories long enough to get out in the real workd and not fall victim to studies that have massaged statistics they would see the reality. there are people living in "third world " conditions with health that leaves most westerners health for dead. a co worker has had swine flu, they have very little sun exposure, they suffered severely from inflamatory and immune over response to the swine flu. which is exactly what I predicted would happen based on their lack of sun exposure.